Our Story

This is a real almost-hidden gem of a vinyl-record/CD store toward the western edge of the downtown grid in Athens. Thanks to Clocked (great burgers, fries and shakes) next door and a couple of other places, the area gets foot and car traffic now, whereas not long ago it was pretty quiet.

The store is a bit like Wuxtry used to be, i.e. somewhat cramped and chock-full of merchandise, but the used-record selection is wide-ranging and good and you've got some chance of finding rare items. Just bring money (maybe not quite as much as would be needed for Wuxtry, but more than you might guess for a low-wage college town). Well worth a look.

Fresh Finds

The former jewel of Athens now occupies a much larger Chamblee space, and if you’re looking for it, Low Yo Yo has it or can get it. The staff is eccentric and an excellent resource for local music history and lore. The store holds a huge stock of CDs and LPs, and they know what they have, so the price tag adds up quickly, but it’s well worth the trip.

-Creative Loafing

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